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Problems We Solve

Helping You Achieve a Lifetime of Financial Freedom

At McGill Junge, our greatest desire is for you to live your best life by having financial peace of mind, clarity and confidence throughout your journey. We’ll work with you to define where you want to be, implement your comprehensive plan to help you get there, and keep you on track through every twist and turn. Some of the common services we specialize in include:

We are more than “investment-only” advisors. Rather than just focusing on one or two areas of your financial life; we address the whole picture and every moving part. By integrating investments and actuarial science, we implement strategies designed to improve outcomes, reduce risk and provide more certainty.

Our team builds your customized retirement distribution plan starting with the foundation of meeting essential expenses with guaranteed income streams and discretionary income to help you enjoy retirement. This strategy allows you to feel confident about your future and ultimately encourages you to spend more, live more and give more.

Navigating the tax code to implement tax diversification strategies, efficient asset location, charitable gifting, estate planning and tax-bracket management are central to our wealth management philosophy.

We act as your fiduciary when managing investments in our advisory programs. Our active/passive investment philosophy is built on a goals-based investment strategy, tailored to your financial plan and implemented through a low-cost, tax-efficient global asset allocation process.

Charitable planning allows you to support the philanthropic causes you’re passionate about while reducing your tax obligation. We will help you design a charitable giving plan that is aligned to your goals and values and leverages things like donor advised funds, family foundations and gifting appreciated assets.

Wealth management and financial planning requires a well-coordinated team. Being at the center of your financial journey allows us to collaborate with your CPA, attorney and other key professionals to help grow, manage, and protect what you’ve worked so hard to create.

We collaborate with business owners to help them solve their unique business planning needs, which include risk management strategies, qualified retirement plans, attracting, retaining and rewarding key employees, buy/sell and succession/exit planning. We also specialize in integrating their business and personal financial planning strategies.

The success of most businesses comes from the intelligence, passion and hard work of their key people. We help our executive clients maximize their employer-provided compensation benefits including restricted stock, stock options, qualified retirement plans and non-qualified deferred compensation plans.

Protecting those you love and the life you have built is a cornerstone of wealth management. Your income-earning ability is one of your largest assets and should be protected in the event of premature death or disability. Our team will identify and recommend the appropriate insurance solutions for you and your family.