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Second Opinion

Your financial plan should be about supporting your unique needs as effectively as possible. We want you to have confidence that your plan allows you a lifetime of financial freedom to enjoy the things you love, so we offer a Second Opinion Service to colleagues, friends, and family members of clients who want a fresh perspective on their financial picture. We’ll help you consider the following questions:

  • Do you know your strategy for generating income when you retire?
  • How confident are you that your current advisor will be there when you retire and beyond?
  • If you are handling your own investments, how much time do you spend managing your wealth day-to-day, and is it strategic or reactive?
  • Are you confident that your current financial plan is as tax-efficient as possible?
  • If something happened to you, would your family know where to begin? Who would they turn to for help?

Introductory Discovery Meeting (30-45 minutes)

  • Identify and review goals
  • Review current financial situation
  • Discuss our philosophy

Personalized Plan Presentation (60 minutes)

  • Retirement income planning
  • Investment portfolio audit
  • Insurance program audit
  • Legacy planning and estate document review