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Who We Serve

Our typical client has complex planning needs, values the depth of our team’s expertise and appreciates our comprehensive planning approach.

Clients who work with us are:

  • Highly successful
  • Hard-working and driven
  • Value their families

  • Support their communities
  • Want to leave a legacy

While all our client’s financial plans are unique most of our clients fall into one of three categories:

1 Affluent retirees and multigenerational families

We provide the clarity and peace of mind they desire.

These clients have typically built significant net worth over the course of their careers, and now that they are close to or have reached the top of the mountain, the focus is on the final assent and getting them back down in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible. Building a legacy for their family and/or community is also incredibly important.

2 Business owners and executives

We are experts at integrating business, personal, succession and exit planning.

These clients are building and running successful and rapidly growing businesses. They like partnering with business owner advisors like us because we understand the opportunities and challenges they are experiencing.

3 Entrepreneurs and emerging affluent professionals

We simplify their wealth and lay a strong foundation for the future.

Entrepreneurs are building rapidly growing businesses aimed at disrupting innovation. Emerging affluent professionals are progressing rapidly in their careers, their compensation and wealth are growing, and their lives are becoming busier and more complex.

These clients are primarily involved in technology, venture capital, private equity or real estate spanning from Silicon Valley to New York.